Our 80 employees work three shifts in 2000 m2 of production facility and warehouse


Own recycling facility

Raw materials

Proven European suppliers of LDP raw materials


Co-ex and mono foil extruders

Production processes

garbage bags


An automated process of melting granules and film formation. Production phase in which the product is defined by the addition of granular additives. We have 4 extruders, with a total capacity of 3500 tons, for mono and co-ex foil.

Co-ex foil

The three layers of low density linear film are combined into one for improved quality and strength. At the same time, each of the three layers can contain the necessary characteristics in terms of protection, sensitivity, smell and color. The properties of such foil have been greatly improved in terms of elongation, durability and quality.


The production phase in which the product is personalized and thus differentiated from the competition in the market. Printing can be transient or positional.


The final phase of product creation. An automated process in which the foil is cut, boiled, ribbons added, rolled and the final product formed. Our machines and rollers produce bags with bottom or side welds, with pockets, star or flat welds, block household bags, and drawstring bags.

freezer bags

Our freezer bags are made of low density polyethylene (LDPM) and high flow index (MDF). This is a first-class material for this purpose, with all certifications appropriate to the food storage product.

cemetery lanterns

Pour high-quality, high quality, guaranteed paraffin wax into recycled PVC containers with high temperature resistance (stabilizer additive). Special technology, developed by us, ensures positioning and centering of natural cotton wicks to prevent the container from burning.


Primax has its own production and storage space of 2000 m2. The warehouse is located close to the production facility, with a capacity of 500 pallets and equipped with state-of-the-art cargo handling machines. We also use 2 more logistic warehouses for rent, with a capacity of 2000 pallets.

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