Primax garbage bags are made exclusively of LDPE material, with different volumes, wall thickness, type of bottom welds, colors … We produce them for different purposes and we can customize their appearance, characteristics, packaging and palletizing to the needs of clients.


Primax d.o.o. is the market leader in the production of plastic bags-sacks for household, industrial cleaning and HoReCa and Gastro. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to solve all the requirements that are set before us and thus help make your job easier and save you time and ultimately provide a quality product for your customers.

Our garbage bags are special ...

Materials and colors

We produce them in almost all sizes, thicknesses and colors, exclusively from LDPE materials (original, recycled and transparent)


Different types of positional and transient printing can be applied to the bags

Closing bags

We also produce bags with drawstrings and ribbons

Bags welding

We produce bags with three types of bottom welds, according to purpose, and we can also make side seal welds of the sides

Primax lines of garbage bags

Primax retail

A line of garbage bags for a wide variety of household, office, garden or restaurant applications

Primax professional

A line of garbage bags for more challenging tasks in professional use eg construction, industry, gardening

Primax private label

See various examples of how we can tailor our bags to the specific needs of our clients .

There are numerous uses for our bags


We pack your products in different boxes: dimension color with the press with stickers


Boxes are packed in different pallets: Euro Euro


We ship your goods: trucks ships directory

Examples of pallets with garbage bags

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