Suitable for every home

Made of premium material, with certificates for use in food, with the possibility of adapting the design to the needs of the client.


Our freezer bags are made of low density polyethylene (LDPM) and high flow index (MDF). This is a first-class material for this purpose, with all certifications appropriate to the food storage product. They retain the flexibility at low temperatures, making them resistant to cracking, making it easier to prevent them from spreading and spreading.


We produce freezer bags made of original LDPE material intended for:

  • store foods at minus mode
  • packaging of strained foods and contents
  • food packaging to preserve freshness and stability
  • packaging in the industry

The bags are made in different sizes and volumes, and we are able to customize the label and packaging according to the client’s wishes.


Adaptation to customer needs


Personalized packaging


Number of bags in the package and number of packages in the box, number of boxes on the pallet


Adaptation of the thickness (micron) of the material

Primax freezer bags

Examples of freezer pallet bags