Marko Bratulić has been a professional gardener for years. He turned his love for plants into a well-established business. One of the problems faced with everyday work is the large amount of waste material:

“Every year, the same story with fallen leaves and branches after pruning. For some clients, they can be burned in the garden, but for some it’s not possible and I have to remove them from the garden. And classic bags are either too small or easy to shoot!”

For this purpose, Primax has produced a bag of 240 L of premium materials that give excellent mechanical properties.

“I noticed that the bag is much more resistant to puncture, which is important to me because of the branches I put in it, and once the crack is cracked it spreads much slower and harder than other bags I’ve used so far. I also like the blue color because does not suggest garbage, and for us gardeners waste bio material is not garbage but raw material from which we produce humus! “

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